April 27-29, 2021

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The annual Energy Tech Summit is hosting top global energy and mobility investors, entrepreneurs, and government leaders at an exclusive three-day hybrid event, broadcasted globally on April 27-29, 2021. This exclusive event, is bringing the latest developments in energy and mobility convergence theme, debated by global industry leaders across 9 conference tracks.

Forget what you know about tech conferences – Energy Tech Summit focuses on quality content, context, and in-depth discussion accompanied with vast opportunities to network in a group of peers.

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Energy Tech Summit 2020 is bringing together professionals from all over the globe for exclusive talks, hands-on learning experiences and industry insights on the worlds of Energy and Mobility. Immerse yourself in over 100 Speakers Talks, get-togethers with both the pioneers of today and the disruptors of tomorrow. Dive deep into the industry, learn from the best, and connect with people who build things - your next big thing starts here, on the main stage.

Founders Summit

Venture Summit

Battery Summit

In the world’s transition to electricity as a source of final energy demand, batteries and battery innovation are set to play a crucial role. Growth of EV market alone is set to substantially increase battery demand. By 2050, about 50% of electricity will be generated by renewable resources, which make energy storage devices a necessary part of the grid for balancing purposes. Grid scale storage is projected to increase 13x, with batteries making up a lion’s share. EV market growth, importance of residential and grid scale storage make batteries central to the world’s electrification.

E-Mobility Summit

Vehicle design is shifting away from the use of fossil fuels and carbon gas emissions, with electric vehicles being the central part of this change. While battery prices are decreasing, electric vehicles are becoming more affordable. More than half of all vehicles on the road in Europe will be electric by 2040 and China is dominating EV sector with 2 million in sales next year. With ridesharing and micro-mobility innovations taking the world by storm, we are set to move to a completely electric future.

Hydrogen Summit

Hydrogen - It’s been a buzzword in energy for a while, but no fruit. What’s changed? It’ll help ease the transition of electrification, or it might fully replace it. Hydrogen has the potential to not only decarbonize the generation of electricity, but also decarbonize transport and heating. What makes Hydrogen especially interesting is that most of the infrastructure is already in place, as well as the fact that it can also be used for the storage of renewable energy. It’s an electric alternative without any of the sacrifices that come with stepping away from classic mobility and energy. It’s also the most abundant element in the universe, and if it can power stars, why hasn’t it taken over the world yet?

Digitalization Summit

As the energy transition gains momentum in the broader power sector and new energy areas, the digitalization of the traditional utilities and the emergence of fully digital new entrants is the next trend. However, being utility is not just selling energy to the consumers anymore. Customers are expecting a full subscription model offering them a range of products to manage, store and generate their energy. While Utilities are embracing data analytics tools to better understand their customers, trade energy and provide a better digital customer experience. Thus, we will explore, how the energy companies are evolving to capture the new opportunities and who will be the winners in this market over the next decade?

Automation & AI Summit

The future of the energy sector has to face the transformation challenges while maintaining the reliability and safety of the energy systems. Applications of dynamic automation solutions in the energy sector worldwide are advancing these objectives in a number of ways, be it robotic enabled information acquisition, unlocking latent data, automation of system engineering, or machine enabled optimisation of system performance. We are excited about these important innovations, which will make energy systems better and allow industry talent to focus on high level challenges, while the robots take over dangerous and tedious work.

Future Grid Summit

Clean energy technologies are perceived to threaten overwhelming the current grid. The need for local resilience in the face of distributed energy resource deployment and climate chaos is growing all the time. The energy world is changing rapidly and systems designed around big, centralised power plants and one-way power flows is grinding against the rise of smarter, cleaner technologies that offer new ways to generate and manage energy at the local level.


Greg Jackson

Greg Jackson

CEO & Founder @ Octopus Energy

James Sprinz

James Sprinz

Vice President @ Energy Impact Partners Europe

Hee-Suk Jung


Head of Investment @ SK Gas

Rob Geisner


Managing Partner @ ETF Partners

Jennifer Holmgren

Jennifer Holmgren

CEO @ LanzaTech

Lucille Bonnet

Lucille Bonnet

Principal @ High-Tech Gründerfonds

Nicolas Milerioux

Nicolas Milerioux

Head of Venture Capital @ Encevo

Sumon Bishwas

Sumon Bishwas

CEO @ Hymeth

Danny Cotter


Principal @ The Westly Group

Grace Quan

Grace Quan

CEO @ Hydrogen In Motion

Julia Padbegr


Principal @ SET Ventures


Investment Manager @ Inven Capital

James Colbert

James Colbert

Regional Director East Asia & Pacific - Digital Grid @ Schneider Electric

Ulrich Seitz

Ulrich Seitz

Managing Director @ BayWa r.e. Energy Ventures



Founding & Managing Partner @ Contrarian Ventures

Devashish Paul

CEO & Founder @ BluWave-ai

Michael Thornton

Michael Thornton

CEO & Founder @ Carbon analytics

Juan Pablo Cerda

Juan Pablo Cerda

CEO @ Zeigo

Pedro Ruao

Pedro Ruao

Founder & CEO @ Omniflow


Co-founder, Investor & Partner @ Innovation Nest

Sahil Caglayan

Sahil Caglayan

Co-Founder and CEO @ Reengen

Ben Nyland

Ben Nyland

President & CEO @ Loop Energy

Michael Groves

Michael Groves

CEO @ Topolytics

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